This ID-key reads a personal genetic value to create your corresponding Cyber-biometric ID and sends it wirelessly to authorize you for using your equipment, internet services, net-banks, opendoors, use your car, etc. It is the only personal, skimmer, hacker and theft-safe digital ID key, patented, that exist. This small, handheld, independent, universal and autonomous device communicates wirelessly, using common communication standards as NFC, Bluetooth, WIFI, ZigBee, RF, 4/5G etc.

The Cybi-ID-key can help protect your wquipment by replacing all the unsafe devices we today use for wireless services, as
payments, opening doors and starting cars. The Cybi-ID-key can also help protect your front-end equipment as PC, smartphones and servers from cyber and hacker attack, fake emails, fake news and ransomware.

All Cybi-ID-keys are mechanically/physically identical but loaded with a patented secret magical PSN solution, "the needle's eye" making all unit unique creating a double unique Cyber Biometric ID for the user. Our patented Cyber biometric magical solution parts can even be licensed - Software as a Service – to ensure CyberBiometric ID-security to be part of other smart computer ID-solutions.

Cybi-ID-key as an autonomous, security chips mounted on to devices such as smartphones, PCs, PADs and other smart-key units will protect the user from all unauthorized misuse, as keys for doors, cars and services.

Advanced AI editions of Cybi-ID-Keys reading both our biometric and Cyber Biometric images can be an important device to help stop a "digital cyberattack pandemic",paralyzing banks and government agencies. In our modern, digital & moneyless society, we would quickly run out of life necessities with a digital pandemic.

Global simplification and personal safety are achieved when everyone can choose to use a Cybi-ID-key for it all.

As we finally have been awarded national and international patents on our Cyber-Biometric innovation, we now want to create an imprint in the International digital security industry, where we contribute to a far safer personal digital future for all.

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